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Bachelor Programme

The basis for the compilation of the study schedule is the module list for your subject. For the field of vehicle technology there are two main groups of modules: the basics of the study field and the field of specialization and application.

For the field of basic study we offer two courses with a total of 18 ECTS.

Field of Basic Study
ECTS, Date, Examination Type
Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics
6 ECTS, SoSe 2014, portfolio-examination
The course was previously called "Vehicle Dynamics I"
Fundamentals of Automotive Engineering
12 ECTS, WiSe 2014/15, written exam

In addition we recommend visiting the course at the department Combustion engine:

  • Powertrains - Introduction (6 ECTS, written exam)

In the field specialization and application we offer two courses with 12 ECTS in total.

Specialization and Application
ECTS, Date, Examination Type
Analysis of Traffic Accidents
6 ECTS, WiSe 2014/15, written exam
Matlab/Simulink using examples of Vehicle Dynamics
6 LP, every Semester as block course, portfolio-examination
Requires "Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics". Course size is limited to 14 students. Further information can be found in the course catalogue.

In addition we recommend visiting the following courses:

  • Combustion engines (12 ECTS, portfolio-examination)
  • Transmission technology (6 ECTS, portfolio-examination)
  • Mobile agricultural machinery (6 ECTS, portfolio-examination)

Thus equipped, you should have a very good basis for managing the postgraduaded study or the career start.

Types of Examination

Oral exam

  1. An oral exam is carried out by at least one examiner in the presence of an observer. Exams may be conducted in groups or as individual exams.
  2. Within the scope of an oral exam, tasks may also be assigned to a reasonable extent for written treatment provided that the verbal character is not reversed.
  3. The oral exam must be carried out within three months of enrollment. The examiner and the candidate may agree on exceptions with the consent of the examination board and extend the deadline.
  4. If there are several authorized examiners for a module in which an oral exam is scheduled, the candidate is entitled to select an examiner from among them. On important grounds, in particular in case of excessive examination workload on the selected examiner, the examination board may nominate another examiner upon reasoned application of the examiner, in consultation with the candidate.
  5. The exam duration per candidate is at least 20 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes. The maximum duration can be exceeded where appropriate, with the candidate’s consent.
  6. An oral exam may be interrupted by the examiner on important grounds. A new appointment shall be made, such that the examination is carried out immediately after the reason for the interruption ceases to exist. Already existing exam results shall be credited where possible. Re-enrollment for the examination is not necessary in this case. The reasons which led to interruption of the exam shall be communicated to the examination board.
  7. The content, result and progression of the exam shall be set out in examination minutes, to be signed by the examiner and observer and attached to the examination files. The result shall be disclosed to the candidate after the exam.
  8. Oral exams are open to the public at the university, unless a candidate objects hereto. The examiner may limit the audience number for the purpose of due implementation of the exam. However, public access at the university does not extend to counselling and disclosure of the exam result.

Written exam

  1. The duration of a written exam amounts to at least 90 minutes and no more than four hours. Multiple choice questions and electronic examination procedures are permitted as written exams.
  2. A list of authorized tools shall be disclosed upon announcement of the exam date.
  3. The results should be disclosed immediately, but at the latest six weeks after the exam date. Reasons shall be given to the examination board for any breaches of deadline. These are provided for inspection for a fixed term. Tasks and model replies and the evaluation benchmark shall be made available.
  4. Candidates whose written exam has been assessed as “insufficient” (5.0) may be offered the opportunity of an immediate oral re-examination after one week by the examiner. The examiner may restrict the number of potential candidates by specifying transparent criteria. Enrollment for the oral re-examination at the responsible body of the Central University Administration is not required. The oral exam is assessed as “pass” or “fail”.
  5. If the oral re-examination is deemed “pass”, the assessment shall be set to “sufficient” (4.0) for the written exam.

Portfolio examination

  1. The portfolio examination constitutes a standard type of exam, in which students can continuously provide Different types of specific results within the teaching units of a module. On the one hand, the portfolio examination allows for adequate adjustment of the exam type to curriculum content and learning materials, and on the other hand is ideally suited to establishing that the relevant skills objectives have been achieved.
  2. A portfolio examination consists of several different types of exam elements alongside studies. Special Consideration is given here to the written composition, multiple-choice test, seminar paper, recorded practical Assignment, outline, creative work, consultation or poster. Up to three written tests may be required within The portfolio examination. Exam results, which are equal to or exceed the content and/or timescale of an Oral exam or a written exam, are not admissible as components of the portfolio examination.
  3. The nature, scope and weighting of individual exam elements form part of the module description.
  4. The results of individual exam elements must be communicated at the latest four weeks after being taken. Reasons for any breaches of deadlines shall be given to the examination board.


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