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Electric vehicles for long distances

Allgemeiner Praxistest für Elektrofahrzeuge mit verlängerter Reichweite E-REV

The joint project AMPERE of the Adam Opel AG, the Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH and the Technische Universität Berlin evaluates and analyses the day-to-day use of over 300 range-extended vehicles. The employed Opel Ampera possess and electric range of 40 - 80 km and can also use its internal combustion engine to power a generator to drive longer distances. Thereby this european fleet test of electric vehicles delivers valuable information over the use of such electrified vehicles and the use of infrastructure under real conditions.


In a first step the private probands will be approached and classified. A subsequent survey in combination with data recording will be used to analyse the real usage behaviour. Based on the findings suggestions to optimise the specification for future electric vehicles as well as a better integration into the electric economy will be made. This project analyses the real usage behaviour in regards to economic and ecologic aspects.



The project will answer the following questions:

  • What can be learned from day-to-day life for the wise use of electric vehicles
  • Which motives to buy an electric car can be deduced from the usage of an E-REV?
  • How do the different operating modes of an electric vehicle affect the energy saving potential compared to a conventionally propelled vehicle?
  • Does the electric range of the Opel Ampera meet the actual user requirements?
  • How big would the energy saving potential be if the battery capacity would be determined by the individual customer requirements? How would that affect the Total Cost of Ownershipt (TCO)?
  • Which conclusions, based on the actual user charging behaviour, can be drawn in terms of demand on the infrastructure?
  • How important are renewable energies for the user, in terms of kilometrage as well as for the use at home / office?
  • How big is the absorption potential for (excess) power from renewable energies? How can this potential be influenced with additional actions (e.g. rating)
  • What significance has the access to (or lack of) charging stations in public and semi-public space?
  • What are the demands on load management as a result of vehicle charging?
Data & Facts
AllgeMeiner Praxistest für Elektrofahrzeuge mit verlängerter Reichweite E-REV
TU Berlin – Chair of Automotive Engineering
Adam Opel AG
Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH
January 2013 – December 2015
Project partner: Adam Opel AG, TU Berlin, Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH, BMVBS, NOW GmbH

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